12 April 2016

Blog Revamp and Project Code Names

Time to get back to actually updating this thing. I need to start posting more about my various projects and I'm starting to use code names for my projects. First we need to define the code names.

Project Blog: This Blog
Project 599: Kenwood T599/R599 repair and operation.
Project StormCat: Portable power using the Harbor Freight Storm Cat Generator.
Project Type: All work involving typewriters, mainly my Smith Corona Coronet Super 12
Project Rock: All work relating to my stereo and classic/vintage audio formats including Vinyl, Cassette, and Minidisc
Project TGG2016: My Trip to The Geek Group National Science Center's Leonard Street Labs in 2016
Project PortaTone: Portable Silvertone Tube Radio
Project Gonset: Six Meter Civil Defense Gonset Communicator 3

Please note that since this was first published I edited this post and the names of two projects.